Important: This access provides you with the ability to view content for future weeks in Live Online Classes. While the content objectives will likely remain the same, it is up to the discretion of the class teachers to modify the content to fit the needs of our classes.

Accessing Moodle

  • To access Moodle with your Charter Teacher login, please navigate to this URL:
  • Click Admin Login and login with the username and password provided to you by your charter school organization.
  • View the user tour and the videos on the course page to learn how to navigate Moodle to view student's grades and course content.

TIP: Avoid clicking on Dashboard. Due to the number of courses assigned to this Charter Teacher user, the Dashboard will take a long time to load.

View a Specific Student's Progress

To view the progress for a specific student, follow these steps. You can also watch the video contained in the homeroom course.

  • Select the student to view by clicking on the student's name.

  • The Student Profile is displayed. Navigate to the Course details section and click on the course you wish to review.

  • After clicking on the course name, you are now in the course with the student profile displayed. To display the course home page, click on the course title in the breadcrumb trail.

At this point, you are in the course the student is enrolled in and you are able to see the course content and the assignment progress for individual users, not just the user you selected. 

  • Select the activity you wish to review (quiz, assignment, etc.) Then select the option to view all submissions. Select the student you wish to review to view submissions from this student.
  • If you wish to see ALL grades for a student, select Grades¬†from the NAV drawer and then select pencil icon next to the the student to view individual grades.

Navigating to Another Course

  1. If you wish to navigate to another course to view detailed grades for a student that is in the current course, click on Participants and select that student's name. You can also click on the student's name from within an assignment or gradebook to view the student's profile. From the student's profile, select the course you wish to view.
  2. If you wish to view grades for a student not enrolled in your current course, click on the Charter Homeroom course to return and select another student.

Viewing Grades

To view grades for a particular student, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to a course the student is enrolled in by following the steps above.
  • From that course, click on Grades in the Nav Drawer.
  • Select the student's name.
  • The student's profile is displayed, select Grades Overview from the student profile.
  • The Overview Report is displayed

  • From the Overview Report, click on an individual course to view grade details.