Courses delivered in the Blended LMS have different views based on the type of course a student is taking. 

Calendar View

By default, all students will see the Unit view when opening a course.  The calendar view is a view that is available after opening a course for self-paced courses. 

Students taking Live Online Classes delivered through the Blended LMS will not see the option to switch to the Calendar view when view the live courses. 

Students taking a self-paced course will be able to switch to the calendar view to see the course content scheduled out based on the number of assignments in the course for the start and end date set for the enrollment.

After selecting 'Switch to Calendar View,' the calendar is presented and can be adjusted to set a new due date or by excluding units.

The Pacing alerts on the course cards are based on the this calendar view. These alerts will indicate if the student is On Track, Behind, or Ahead in an enrolled course. For Live Online Classes, these alerts will not appear.

2 Week Activity Schedule

The 2 Week Activity Schedule is available for students taking at least one self-paced course through the Blended LMS. This option will not appear if a student is taking ALL Live Online Classes. The 2 Week schedule shows the activities for the current and next week for all self-paced courses.

Live Online classes are NOT included in the 2 Week Activity Schedule. 

The Activity Schedule will show activities based on the calendar view set for the student for all self-paced courses. Activities that have not been completed in previous weeks show in the Past Due section of the schedule.