Certain users in a Charter program can be given Admin Access to the External Enrollment System (EES). This provides the Administrative user the ability to create and edit Homeschool Teachers (HSTs), and reassign HSTs to students.

Users with admin access will see the Teacher's tab when logging in at learn.homeschoolacademy.com/charter..

Creating a Teacher

To create a new teacher, admins can click on the orange Create User button on the Teacher tab. Select the Campus the user should have access to.

Important: Once you create a user with access to the campus, you cannot change it. If you wish to give user access to a different campus, you will need to make the user inactive on one campus and create a new user with active status on the other campus. Likewise, if you give user access to All Campuses, you cannot change it, you can only deactivate the All Campus user and create a single campus user.

Complete the form with the new teacher information following these guidelines:

  1. Permission - Users should be able to view student
    1. View Own - teacher can only see assigned students
    2. View All - teacher can see all students for all teachers in school campus
    3. Enroll manager - teacher can create enrollments and see all students in school campus
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Status - change to active to prevent user from logging in
  4. Username - email address from acceptable domain
  5. Password - secure password for user.

Acceptable domains must be defined and new users must have an email/username that matches the acceptable domain. Please reach out to your Bridgeway representative if your domain changes or you need to add a domain.

When you click 'Create User,' the teacher will receive an email with their username and password as well as a link to a support article about HST access.

Editing a User

To edit a user, click edit under the action field. You can change the permission, the status, the name, and password for an existing user.

Changing HST assigned to Student

The HST is assigned at the time a student is enrolled. If the HST changes, an admin can change the assigned HST. To change an HST, click on the Student tab when logged in as an admin. Find the student and click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the HST name. This will allow you to browse the list of HSTs in your school and select the one to assign to this student. Click the Save icon (disc) to save the HST.

The HST must exist before it can be assigned, so be sure and create the Teacher first before attempting to assign.

You may find it helpful to filter the student view by teacher first to aid in finding students to change.