A Marking Period Report is used to submit grades for a marking period (semester, quarter, etc.) to Bridgeway Academy. This is an alternative to submitting the pdf form Master Record Sheet. To submit a Marking Period Report, click on the Upload Center tab in the Bridgeway Learning Center while logged in as a parent.

Select the marking period to create the report. Typically, a Marking Period report is submitted for each Semester. Some students will require a grade report for quarters. In this situation, a marking period report should be created for each quarter.

In the view above, notice that you can also edit reports that you previously created. You can continue to edit the report until your enrollment is complete.

After you have selected the marking period, the form is displayed. A section is displayed for each course a student is enrolled in. Enter an identifier for each test and the test grade. Enter the final grade for the marking period. Notice that you can change the number of grade items if there are more tests in your course than are shown on the form.

See the example below.

Note: The final grade for the marking period is not calculated. Enter the average of the scores entered for the marking period.

After entering your grades, add any notes about this report and then click Submit. If you are editing a previously submitted report, also click submit to update the report. When your advisor has viewed the report, the status of the report is changed to accepted. If you change grades after your Marking Period report has been accepted, please be sure and communicate with your advisor.