Students who enroll in Homeschool Academy Plus receive the benefit of tutors through our partnership with Pear Deck Tutor. There is no additional cost for students to access this feature. This feature can also be added to existing Homeschool Academy package.

Pear Deck Tutor is an online tutoring platform that connects you to live tutors, 24 hours a day in over 300 subjects, right from your home. Their network of over 10,000 verified tutors has helped more than half a million students improve their grades, understand difficult concepts, or just get help with simple questions! You can even have your papers reviewed using Pear Deck Tutor's Writing Lab, which provides detailed feedback on their essays or reports in less than 12 hours.

To access Pear Deck Tutor,, log in to the Bridgeway Learning Center and click on the Classlink button. From the Classlink launchpad, select the Pear Deck Tutor.

Click on the icon and you will be logged into Pear Deck Tutor and see the start screen.

Need help? Click on the Chat icon on the bottom right of your screen to chat with the Pear Deck Tutor team.

Watch the video below to see how to connect with a tutor: