Bridgeway Academy has partnered with Groza Learning Center to offer Live Online Classes to help your student improve their test-taking and study skills.

  • All materials and information you need for your Groza Learning Center account is available through Microsoft Teams.
  • To access your Groza Learning Center class, login to the Bridgeway Learning Center student account and click on the class name.
  • You will be directed to Microsoft Teams. If prompted, enter your Bridgeway Academy Microsoft username and password. You may choose to access Teams through the web application or through desktop application.

If you do not see your Groza Learning Class, you may need to switch to the account. Click your profile picture and select this account from the dropdown.

Need Additional Support for your Groza Learning Center Course?

  • Students can contact their teachers via the Teams class. Teachers are available a few minutes prior to and after class.
  • If you need additional support and your advisor is unable to assist you, please email