If you have submitted a Course Approval form for a course that requires the submission of an activity log, you can log your activity directly in the Bridgeway Learning Center.

To add time to a Course Activity log, log into the Bridgeway Learning Center with your parent account. Select Upload Center and then Forms and Documents.

IMPORTANT: Your advisor will need to approve and add the log to your BLC login. If you do not see your log under Course Activities, contact your advisor.

To add time to a log, select the Add Time button. The Add Time Logged form is displayed.

Enter the time in minutes, description of the activity, and if you want, select the Marking Period when this activity was completed. Thenclick Save. If you need to edit an entry, select the edit (pencil) icon under the Action column.

Submitting Log to Your Advisor

At the end of the Marking period or end of the enrollment year, submit your Activity Log to your advisor by clicking the blue button Submit Log to Advisor. You must select a marking period when submitting a log. After the log is submitted you can continue to add entries.

Uploading Activity Log

If you prefer to keep track of activity spent in another format, you can upload a log file (image, pdf, doc, etc.) using the Upload feature under the Action column under the Course Activities section.