Unlike other forms of assessment, computer adaptive tests match each test taker’s ability level. As a test taker answers each question, the test adapts according to his or her response. Question difficulty decreases with incorrect responses and increases with correct responses.

When taking the Performance Series test, your student is expected to be presented with questions that are too difficult. This is by design so that the test can adapt and determine what level the student is performing. An adaptive assessment adjusts to the students ability. When students answer correctly, the test will present increasingly difficult questions to find the limitations of their ability.

Intelligent Start allows students to start subsequent tests at the skill level Performance Series identified using the first test.

Here is an example: Say the student was working on an item and got it right, the next item might be slightly more difficult. As an example, a test question might have a level assigned of a 88 and when they get that item wrong, they see a question with a level of 85, and they get that question correct and it goes back up to a 86, so on and so forth. 

Please prepare your student before the test begins that they are not expected to know all of the answers and they should not research the answers or try to learn a concept during the test. They should expect to not know all of the answers and should make an educated guess for those items they do not know.