Normally you never have to worry about passwords for Classlink, when you get started it has everything working for you already. If there's an internal application issue that requires a password reset, you will need to tell Classlink the new password.

In This example, we are using Edgenuity, since this requires a password reset directly from the user.

    1. Log into your Classlink dashboard and click on your icon on the top right, and then click Settings.

    2. In this new window, click on App Passwords. Scroll down to find Edgenuity, then click on the blue Notebook icon.

   3. This new window will be blank except for the top, click on the Add Locker option.

   4. Text boxes will now appear. Fill out the name (just call it login), your Username, and the new Password.

   5. Click on the Green Save button at the bottom right of the window. Use the back arrows within the menu to go back to your dashboard. The new password locker should now take effect immediately, but you should log out completely, then log back in to refresh it.