Important: Students will access the Biozone eBook directly from a link in the student Moodle course. This article is for parents and includes important initial set-up instructions for how to access the teacher edition, and information on accessing the student eBook.

Biozone science courses provide parents with materials through the Biozone Reader platform. Parents have access to the student eBook and a digital teacher edition. 

If your student is enrolled in a course that uses the Biozone Reader, you will receive one email from Bridgeway Academy confirming your student's enrollment and explaining how your student will access their eBook in the Moodle system, within the Biozone course. You will also receive one email from Biozone. This email will provide you with information for logging into your Biozone account. That email should resemble the image below. 

Teacher/Parent Access

To login to your Biozone eBook account go to and enter the username and password sent in your email.

Once logged in, you will see the student eBook for your student's course under the Learning Content tab on the left side of the Biozone Reader.

The teacher's edition, a replica of the student book with the addition of teacher support resources and answer keys, in located under the Teacher Resource tab on the left side of the Biozone Reader.

Student Access

Students will access their Biozone eBook directly from  their Moodle course by clicking on a link, which displays their textbook title. This link is located at the top of the Moodle course.  This link will open in a new window in order to maximize the visibility of the book's navigation tools. Therefore, if your student enjoys the eBook option as an alternative to the printed book, be sure to have the pop-up blocker on the website browser disabled.