Student Access

Students enrolled in a Biozone Science course will receive a physical worktext as well as access to a replica of the worktext as an eBook.  Students will access their Biozone eBook directly from their Moodle course by clicking on the link that appears at the top of the Moodle course, which displays the name of the science program.

The eBook link will open in a new tab. Therefore, any student interested in using this eBook option must turn off the browser's pop-up blocker in order to view the eBook. The eBook contains the same content found in the print book received as part of the enrollment in this course.

Watch the video below to learn about the navigation tools of the Biozone eBook that may be helpful to students. 

Do you have questions about accessing the Teacher Edition eBook for any Biozone program? Refer to this article: Biozone eBooks - Parents.