Individual Development Profile

The Individual Development Profile shows how your student performed on specific grade-level standards that have been assessed throughout the year. Use the labeled guide below to help you navigate the report.

(A) Scheduled TestsThe test for the report is listed under the Selected Test heading.
(B) ScoreThe student’s points earned out of points possible and their score on each test.
(C) StandardsThe state standard assessed. These are important essential standards students should master.
(D) Test numberThe test associated with the student’s mastery category (E) and percentage of items correct (F).
(E) Mastery CategoryThe student’s standards mastery is demonstrated on each test. This is determined by the percentage of items correctly answered that were aligned to the standard. The possible mastery categories are: Emerging (0-59%), Developing (40%-59%), Approaching (60-79%) and Mastery (80%- 100%).
(F) Percentage CorrectThe percentage of test items correct determines your student’s mastery category (E).

Performance Levels across subjects

The Performance Levels Across All Subjects report shows your student's benchmark subject areas that were tested, the number of tests for each subject area, and your students’ Performance Level, in parenthesis, for each subject area.

Performance Levels across tests

Performance Levels across Tests report shows your student’s benchmark performance level for each test within a single subject area that was tested. Your student’s Developmental Level (DL) Score is provided as well as their Performance Level on each test.

Click the Subjects drop-down to access benchmark performance data for other subject areas where benchmark data is available. It is not uncommon for students to only have one test subject area available.