Parent Communication

Parents will be communicated in two ways by the Edovate SIS regarding benchmark testing.

  1. Emails for each test are sent when it is time for a student to take a benchmark test.
  2. Alerts are displayed in the BLC parent login when it is time for a student to complete a benchmark test.
Rules for these emails and alerts are the same and are described below:

New Students - if the student type is 'New'

    1. Email #1 - Immediately upon advisor assignment
    2. Email #2 - 60 days after the completion date of Benchmark #1.
    3. Email #3 - 30 days before Final Due Date.

Re-enrolled Students - if the student type - 'Re-enrolled'

    1. Email #1 -14 days or less before the Start Date on the enrollment record
    2. Email #2 - 60 days after the completion date of Benchmark #1.
    3. Email #3 - 30 days before the Final Due date.

Half Year Students if Enrollment length = 150 days. Note: Enrollment length will be assigned at time of advisor assignment instead of when sending to INP for the purpose of sending benchmark emails.

    1. Email #1 -not sent
    2. Email #2 - 14 days or less before the Start Date on the enrollment record
    3. Email #3 - 60 days after the completion date of Benchmark #2

Important: If a benchmark test is already marked as complete on the enrollment record, the email is not sent and the alert is not displayed in the BLC.

Adjusting Benchmark Assessment Grade Level

Watch this video for information about how to adjust the grade level on the enrollment card: Video

Assessment Alert

Assessment alerts are displayed in the BLC under the parents login. If a student has arrived at the date for the next benchmark test, the alert is displayed. Parents can click on the option to let the advisor know that the assessment is complete and the date and completion is recorded on the enrollment record. The assessment alert can be expanded and hidden by the parent. Students do not see the alert. Parents do need to access the email sent to see the benchmark test name and password.


Assessment Email

Test Names and passwords sent in the parent email are based on these rules:

  • Use test name and password matching grade level and test sequence for ELA
  • Special rules for Math Test name & Password
    • Check to see if student is enrolled in a course that has graduation requirement A1, A2, GE. If they are, add the test name and password for the A1, A2, GE test. If they are enrolled in more than one of these courses, list test name and password for each.
    • If student is NOT enrolled in a course with graduation requirement A1, A2, GE, then add the grade level test name and password to the email for student up to and including 8th grade.
    • After 8th grade, if the student is not enrolled in A1, A2, GE course then the student does not receive a math placement test name or password.
    • Examples:
    • A 9th grade student enrolled in Algebra I only would get the A1 test name and password
    • A 10th grade student enrolled in pre-algebra would not get a math test password at all (because not enrolled in A1, A2, GE and not in K-8)
    • A 7th grade student enrolled in Algebra I would get the A1 test name and password and not the 7th grade Math test name and password.

Resending Benchmark Email after adding Math Courses

If students are grades 9-12 the initial Benchmark email may not include the link to their Math course. This is because they are not yet enrolled in a math course. Once enrolling the student in a Math course (A1, A2, GE), you can resend the Benchmark email by clicking on the option on the Home screen on the enrollment record as shown:


  • The link next to Benchmark Assessment 1 to send email Benchmark Assessment 1 is only displayed if the enrollment is INP.
  • This link can be used to send the benchmark assessment email 1 after the Math course has been added.
  • The email will include the test names and passwords for ELA and Math. If the student is enrolled in more than one math course (A1, GE, A2) they will get all passwords.

Tracking Completion

When a parent clicks on the Assessment alert in the BLC to let their advisor know that the test is complete, the corresponding box on the enrollment record is checked and the date is recorded. An advisor can uncheck the box to reset the assessment alert. Parents can also click that test 1 is complete in the Enrollment Tracker

Important: All three assessments are marked as required when a new enrollment is created. If a student is exempt from an assessment, unchecking the box will prevent alerts and emails from being sent.


Note: For benchmark assessments taken through Galileo, refer to this page: Sending Benchmark Scores. In the future, parents will be able view the test results by accessing the student login.

Parents can also mark the first assessment complete by clicking the Mark as Complete button in the enrollment tracker. This will check and record the date of completion on the enrollment record.


Benchmark Assessment Tracking Report

Select Reports from the enrollment module and then select the Benchmark Assessment Tracking report to see a list of benchmark assessments by status. You will not see scores recorded on this report but you will be able to report on which users need to take which test. Modify the filters to view which students have not completed a particular test sequence.


Note: If a test is not marked as 'required' on the enrollment record, 'exempt' is displayed under the status indicating the student is exempt from that test.