Welcome to Bridgeway and Moodle, our Learning Management System!

If you've taken a class in Moodle with us before, Moodle has changed a little to make it more useful for you.  We recommend that you go through this to make sure you are using Moodle to help you.

If you are brand-new to Moodle, please go through this to make sure you are ready to start class.

You can come back to this page at any time and look up something you need help with.  It is in the same place in every Moodle class you have.  Have a fantastic year!

Table of Contents

01 Log in to Moodle

    01.a Set Your Time Zone

    01.b Add Your Profile Picture

02 Moodle Tour

03 Announcements

04 Assignments

    04.a Submit an Assignment

    04.b Work on PDFs

    04.b Audio and Video Submissions

    04.c Grade Update or Reopen Request

05 Dashboard

06 Calendar

07 Discussions

08 Files

09 Navigation

10 Quizzes and Tests

    10.a Take a Quiz

    10.b Save Quiz/Test Attempts

11 Grades

12 Completion