Homework Help is the ultimate virtual study hall where collaborative learning takes center stage under the guidance of our certified teachers. Every Friday, students come together in a dynamic online environment to support and empower each other through their academic challenges. With the watchful eye of our experienced educators, students engage in fruitful discussions, exchange ideas, and tackle assignments as a cohesive team. Our certified teachers are present to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure a productive learning atmosphere. Whether students need assistance with a specific subject or seek study buddies to enhance their understanding, Homework Help is the place where collaboration and academic success unite! Join us and experience the power of working together towards educational excellence.

How to purchase Homework Help

You can purchase Homework Help during your initial enrollment purchase by selecting 'Add Homework Help' when configuring your order. You can also purchase Homework Help at a later time by selecting Homework Help at the top of your Bridgeway Learning Center screen when logged in as a parent.

How do students access Homework Help?

Students will see a Homework Help course in their Bridgeway Learning Center portal. Students simply click on the course and Zoom link is launched. Students can also click on the Zoom button in their BLC accounts to see a list of Homework Help scheduled sessions.