Our Live Online Classes frequently use Elephango lessons to enhance the curriculum.  Follow the directions below to log in to Elephango.

If you are a Bridgeway Total Care student, you may already have an account.  You can use this article to get you logged in.  

Make sure your teacher has given you the class code first.  You'll need it to join your class in Elephango. 

  1. Go to Elephango School Accounts.
  2. Scroll down to the Access your school account section as shown below.
  3. Click Enter Code.
  4. Choose student.
  5. Enter the code your teacher gave you to join your class.
  6. If you already have an account, choose the yellow login button.
  7. If you need to create an account, use the orange Create Account button.
  8. Fill out the Student Sign Up. Use your real name so the teacher knows it's you.  
  9. For the email, choose an email you can access in case you need to reset your password.
  10. Please write down your username and password. 
  11. Click register and you're done!