When a license action is received for Nomadic Professor, the Nomadic Professor registration form must be completed to create the license.

Link to Form: https://nomadicprofessor.com/bridgeway/

This Form is built on Hubspot and tied into The Nomadic Professor Wordpress backend

In the submission process we’re gathering:

  • Student FirstName
  • Student LastName
  • Student ID
  • Course Names
  • Course Code in Bridgeway SIS
  • Parent First Name
  • Parent Last Name
  • Parent Email address
  • Student - @mybridgeway.net
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor Email

On the backend enrollments happens in a couple steps after submission

1. Group is created. The group will be named [Student First Name] [Student Last Name]’s Bridgeway Course

2. The Advisor and Parent will be added as Group Leaders to allow for gradebook/instructor access

3. The Student will then be added as a Standard Member of the Group.

Email correspondence:

  • Upon submission of the form and user creation emails are sent out:
    • The student will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to log in, a basic Get Started overview, and access to resources
    • The Advisor and Parent will receive a welcome email with instructions and more details on how to manage the gradebook, group management, other instructor features
  • 2. These are sent out 5 minutes after group/user creation