Parents can upload graded course materials for tests taken on paper, as well as materials for non-Bridgeway courses, through this Bridgeway Learning Center (BLC) feature. You and your academic advisor can communicate directly regarding each uploaded document.   

Accredidation students who are taking external online courses must submit grade reports.

When do I send my student's work to Bridgeway Academy?
Bridgeway does not require that you send in your student’s work at the end of each quarter. However, if your state requires it or you want more frequent feedback, we will issue quarterly report cards upon request. We do, however, require that work be sent in at the end of each semester. You will receive reminder emails from your advisor when coursework is due. If necessary, you will have two additional weeks to submit your student’s work without any penalty or fees. You may also send work in throughout the year as it is completed. 

What do I send to my advisor at the end of the semester?

The following documents need to be submitted for report card generation:

  • All completed tests if your student is using paper tests
  • Course Evaluation Forms (for all non-Bridgeway courses)
  • PE Logs and Activity Logs (if not using the online form)
  • Science Lab Manuals (Labs must be graded — answer keys are in the back of the manual)
  • Work Experience Forms (optional)
  • Graded Classic Literature Book Reports (Check with your advisor to see if these are required.)
  • Community Service Log (required for high school only)

Submitting materials via the Bridgeway Learning Center 

You can submit course materials directly from your parent BLC login. 

The option to upload materials or submit grades is only displayed for courses where this is allowed. Online and blended courses do not require or allow the upload of course materials, or submission of grades because these actions happen within the course content.

To upload materials, select Upload from the course card.

Drag and drop, or browse for documents to upload course materials. Once materials are uploaded you can view the status of the upload and read messages about uploads in the previous upload section.

Messages about uploaded materials will also appear as a message in your Mailbox identified as a  Course Alert.

If you have documents to upload that are not related to a course, you can do this as well. Select the student to go to the student dashboard and then select Parent Management. From here, select the document from your computer to upload. Your advisor will be notified that you have submitted a document.