A Marking Period Report is used to submit grades for a marking period (semester, quarter, etc.) to Bridgeway Academy. If you would like to also keep a digital or paper record for your reference a blank Master Record Sheet is available as a PDF form which is in Enrollment Resource -> Forms and Documents.  To submit a Marking Period Report you must log in as a parent, and then select a student from the parent dashboard.  The student dashboard will display and then click on the +Add Grades link for the appropriate course card. 

+Add Grades is not available for Online or Blended courses. Grades for these courses are added via the course content or by teachers during the course's progression.

Marking Period Reports can have one of three statuses: 

  • Under Review
    • For Marking Period Reports you have submitted and are being reviewed by your student's advisor.
  • Approved
    • For Marking Period Reports that have been approved by your student's advisor.
  • Draft
    • For Marking Period Reports you have started but not yet submit for advisor review and approval.

To create a new Marking Period Report, select the marking period for this course and select Create New Report. Typically, a Marking Period report is submitted for each semester. Some students will require a grade report for a grading quarter. In this situation, a marking period report should be created for each quarter.

After you have selected the marking period, the form is displayed.  Enter an identifier for each graded activity and the corresponding grade. Enter the final grade for the marking period. Notice that you can change the number of graded items if there are more tests in your course than are shown on the form. See the example below.

After entering your grades, add any notes about this report and then select Save as Draft or Submit for Review. If you are editing a previously submitted report, also click Submit for Review to update the report. When your advisor has viewed the report, the status of the report is changed to Approved. If you need to change grades after your Marking Period report has been approved, please create, and submit a new Marking Period Report and be sure to communicate with your advisor.

If you want to send a message to the advisor regarding a marking period report, you can use the Add Note link on the Marking Period Report slide out screen.

This will open the note slide out screen where you can enter a new note or see any previous notes that have been entered by you or your student's advisor.