Advisors will prepare an Individualized Graduation Plan for high school students. The plan evaluates all completed credits and planned future courses to ensure that your student meets all requirements for graduation. Once the Individualized Graduation Plan is available, you will see an action in the Bridgeway Learning Center to approve the plan.

When the Individualized Graduation Plan is ready for review and approval, a message is sent to your Bridgeway Learning Center mailbox. Click on your Mailbox in the banner.  Individualized Graduation Plan messages will be flagged as an Announcement.

Click on the message to open the slide out page with your student's Individualized Graduation Plans.  Select View to open the appropriate Individualized Graduation Plan.

The selected Individualized Graduation Plan will display.

Review the plan, and either select Approve or Request Amendments to continue. You will see the message and action history at the bottom of the screen.

You can view your student's Individualized Graduation Plan by selecting the student from the Parent Dashboard > Student Dashboard > Records > Graduation Plan.