Bridgeway Clubs provide an opportunity for students to explore outside interests and collaborate with peers on projects. Clubs are available for each academic year to students enrolled in a full-year program. To view available clubs and to purchase a club enrollment, select the Clubs menu item in the Add Extras section of the parent dashboard in the Bridgeway Learning Center (BLC).

Clubs are only available for enrolled students. Students taking stand-alone self-paced courses or Live Online Classes are not eligible for club enrollment.

To enroll in a club, select the option to Add to Cart, and then select the section for the day and time you wish to attend on the pop-up screen displayed. Continue to checkout to enter your payment information for the club purchase.

Once your student is enrolled (your advisor will need to complete the enrollment), your student will see the club on the dashboard in the BLC.

National Beta Honor Society

  • Grade Level: 9th-12th (By Invitation Only)
  •  Meeting Days: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month
  •  Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern
  •  Cost: $65

This amazing addition to Bridgeway Academy gives honors students a chance to excel. Through leadership training, goal making, learning vital skills for excellence in high school, college, and career, and more, students will become more motivated to strive to be the best they can be. National Beta Club is internationally recognized, holds yearly conferences students can attend, and has numerous opportunities for scholarships. This club is by invitation only and is for students who are, and remain on, the honor roll while either in Honors Track, or College Prep with dual-enrollment/AP courses. 

*$15 additional activity fee included