Parents can generate student Progress Reports on-demand in the Bridgeway Learning Center (BLC). 

Important notes about Progress Reports:

  • A Progress Report will only include grades for marking periods that have been reviewed and locked in by a teacher or advisor. 
  • A Progress Report does not include a real-time, current grades unless all grades have been locked for each marking period.

To generate an on-demand Progress Report, log in to the BLC with your parent username and password. Select a student and then select Records > Progress Report.

Click the Progress Report button to display a printable version of the Progress Report.

The following pop-up window will display allowing you to generate a PDF file of the Progress Report by clicking on the Download Progress Report button.

In most browsers, an alert will then display at the top of the browser window letting you know that the file has been downloaded to your computer.  The screenshot below is what displays in Google Chrome.