Parents and students can view Bridgeway announcements and course notifications in the Bridgeway Message Center. Recent notifications are shown in the Bridgeway Learning Center (BLC) directly on the parent dashboard, and all messages can be accessed by selecting the Mailbox icon in the top navigation.

In your Mailbox, messages display in order from newest to oldest.  New messages will be indicated with a blinking red indicator as well as bold text for the message summary.  The message type (Announcement, Course Alert, Forms and Documents, and Report) displays appropriately for each message.  For parents, messages for all of your students will display with the student picture and name identifying the student each message is associated with.

To view a message, click on the message text and the message viewer will slide out on the right side of the window.  From here you will see the message contents and the message's conversation history.  You can also reply to the message from here by entering your note and then clicking Send. Close the message slide-out by clicking on the icon in the top left-hand corner.

You can search for messages by entering your search criteria in the search field, and then pressing return.  In the example below, the list of messages has been filtered down to only those related to the course, American Government.  You are also able to limit the list to a single student by selecting the student from the student drop down.

After viewing a message, you can select Archive on individual messages to remove them from the active view, or you can click on Archive All to move all active messages to the archived list.  Archived messages can be retrieved by clicking the View Archive button on the left at the top of the message list.  The Archived Messages page displays all archived messages.  It has the same filter features as the active messages list.  If a message was archived accidentally, it can be moved back to the active messages list by clicking Send to Open.  Once done viewing archived messages, click Go Back to return to the active message list.

Composing a Message

Students and parents can send messages to their Live class teachers by selecting the option to Compose from the Mailbox view.

After selecting +Compse,a form opens to the side to allow the selection of a class and then the message.

Complete the message and select Send Message. Responses are displayed in your mailbox as new messages. You will see the full conversation related to your sent message when opening your message.