International families often request that their student’s Bridgeway issued report cards, transcripts, and/or diplomas be notarized and apostilled in order to be recognized by authorities in their home country. This is often the case when an international student is seeking to transfer to a local school or college and the institution aims to validate the records. 

An apostille is different from notarization.  A notarization assures that a notary public (a state officer) witnessed the named person sign the document presented. Apostilled documents are authenticated by the state authorities. An apostille further authenticates the document for international use in most countries. An apostille must be specifically requested, and the nation to which the document will be sent must be indicated. 

To purchase an apostilled document, you can reach out to your advisor and they can create a customized quote or you can order under Services at  Please note which documents you need to be apostilled. The fee is $125 per document. 

The process can take up to 12 weeks, prior to shipping.  Once the item has been shipped to the family, the additional shipping time will depend on the country’s shipping procedure. We cannot rush this service under any circumstances.