If  your student is enrolled in a self-paced course that is delivered in the Bridgeway Learning Center, by default your student will be required to complete each lesson or activity in order before unlocking the next activity.

Parents are able to turn off this default if the course allows by selecting the three lines menu on the course and switching off the toggle to not enforce the activity order. When this toggle is off, students can complete the activities in any order. In order for the course to be complete, all activities must be completed.

Parents are not able to change this toggle for Live Online Classes.

Schedule View - GO! Button

When launching a course from the Schedule View by clicking the GO! button when the force Enforce Activity Order toggle is off, the activity schedule is displayed to allow the student to select the next activity.

When the Force Activity Order toggle is on, the GO! button will take the student to the next incomplete activity in the linear progression of the course.