As we begin to fully embrace rolling enrollment, we are shifting our summer school offering to provide expanded flexibility for our families. This document outlines details for intersessional programming beginning in the summer of 2024.

Fully embracing rolling enrollment requires removing artificial structures from our learning community. Summer school is one example, and the New School Year (NSY) is another. Both of those constructs are “school” oriented, and their timing has been tied to traditional school years in the United States.

Maintaining those structures adds a layer of complexity for everyone – our families and our staff.

EffectiveMar 25, 2024

Purpose: Moving away from “summer” school to a wider view—intersessional programming—allows families to fully manage their school year/calendar and run it as they see fit. It also reduces the effort required to spin up and market “Summer School” and allows us to think differently about what we can offer our students.

These changes are part of moving Bridgeway Academy more in line with our Mission and Vision.

Some examples:

It’s often helpful to have visual examples of how rolling enrollment plus intersessional programming might affect families. Here are four examples. Families might choose many other combinations.


• Intersession – the period of time between two academic terms


• Intersessional Programming – courses, projects, internships, work-study, or other planned activities designed to be delivered during an intersession


• Rolling Enrollment – sometimes called rolling admission or “open entry/open exit,” describes learning programs where students can begin (and end) at any point in a calendar year


Intersessional Opportunities for Summer 2024-2025


While there will likely be more intersessional opportunities as the calendar year progresses, the initial offering will seek to provide summer school opportunities for those working a traditional US school year (or close to it).

• Parameters:

 • Students must be currently enrolled in Bridgeway Academy (or a Partner/Charter associated with Bridgeway Academy). No new orientation or testing is required.

• The current Bridgeway Academy self-paced course offering is available. LOC, EIS, and BIS courses are not available for this programming.

• Dual enrollment is not part of this programming. DE students can continue their work with colleges inside of their tier.

• Process:

• Advisor and family determine what is needed or desired to meet student goals.

• Based on decisions made, the Advisor creates and sends a quote to the family

• Family makes payment through the quote/website.

• Assignment of student/family to their current advisor (i.e., lets the Advisor know that the payment has been made).

• Advisor assigns courses via appropriate systems.

• Particulars:

• There is no registration fee. Service fees and shipping fees may apply depending on course elections.

• Intersessional courses do not “add on” to the current enrollment time. A 1 credit course taken in an intersession will allow 300 days to complete. A .5 credit course will allow 150 days to complete.

• Students may enroll in and start their intersessional courses in timing that aligns with their year-long/semester work. For example, a student completing Semester 2 work on May 10th can enroll and begin work immediately upon set up. A student who completed Semester 2, June 20th, can enroll and begin work immediately upon set up. The intersession is based on the family’s school calendar. It is likely that many students will enroll in May to start May/June.

• There is no “block” for students taking intersessional courses regarding the start of their next semester. They don’t have to finish the course before starting the next semester, although they can.

• Students do not need to take all the available time to complete the course.

• Students can choose from the whole of the catalog – semesters, years, core, electives.

• Pricing:

            • No registration fee.

            • Single 1-Credit Course (Year) - $499

            • Single .5-Credit Course (Semester) - $269

            • Two 1-Credit Courses (Year) - $825

            • Two .5-Credit Courses (Semester) - $499

            • Three 1-Credit Courses (Year) - $1125

            • Three .5-Credit Courses (Semester) - $660

            • Additional fees may apply for materials depending on course and delivery selections. This may include shipping                                      fees.

To Note: This is the first of several changes that we’ll make as we move to fully embrace rolling enrollment for our learning community. Over time, we will be putting transitional pieces in place as we move away from the concept of school year.

Please direct all questions to your manager or directly to Jen Salta.