To access the student orientation, login to your Bridgeway Learning Center account with your Microsoft username and password. If you have not yet set up your Microsoft account, please do this before continuing. Learn more about your Microsoft account at this link. After logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center, you will see your Orientation course listed in the list of courses if your course selection is complete with Bridgeway as seen in the image below:


Important: Bridgeway uses ClassLink to authenticate Single-Sign On into our Learning Management System (Moodle). This means that you need to login to ClassLink first and select the Moodle icon to sign into Moodle. Once signed in, you can click on the course links from the BLC dashboard to go directly to your course in Moodle. Hint: You can also follow these three simple steps after logging into the BLC: 1. Click on ClassLink 2. Select the Moodle icon to login 3. Select the Orientation course from Moodle directly. 


If your courses are not yet selected and your enrollment complete, you can still begin the orientation. When you login, you will see a link to your orientation as shown here: