Rosetta Stone is the world's leading language-learning software. Rosetta Stone combines advanced interactive technology with native speaker voicing and a rich visual environment to mimic the complete immersion process, which is most effective for successful language learning. You will learn whole-language skills including listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If you elect to study foreign language, you will receive your username and password information via email. Once you receive your email, you can begin your language learning experience immediately. This e-mail confirmation includes instructions for accessing your lessons. Please keep a copy for your records.


To access Rosetta Stone, click on the course name in the Bridgeway Learning Center.  The ClassLink launchpad is displayed. Select the Rosetta Stone icon to launch your course.

Bridgeway offers three course levels for Rosetta Stone.  The course completion requirements are described below:

  • Course 1 - Requires 100% completion of all activities in levels 1-6 in the Rosetta Stone platform, a mastery score of 80%, and completion of each story included in the Extended Learning Stories section of the Rosetta Stone platform.
  • Course 2 - Requires 100% completion of all activities in levels 7-12  (or 7-13 depending on the course) in the Rosetta Stone platform, a mastery score of 80%, and completion of each story included in the Extended Learning Stories section of the Rosetta Stone platform.  
  • Course 3 - Requires 100% completion of all activities in levels 14-20 in the Rosetta Stone platform, a mastery score of 80%, and completion of each story included in the Extended Learning Stories section of the Rosetta Stone platform. 


If you have not yet checked your computer for compliance with recommended system requirements and required application components, please go to the First Time Users page before your first sign-in and perform a system check. A Quick Start Guide is available to assist with your initial sign-in, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions page on the Info tab.

Course Pacing and Language Options

Each Rosetta Stone language level consists of 6-7 units. Each unit contains 41 activities. Each unit contains four lessons and each lesson contains a core lesson, focused activities and a review. If you are working through an entire school year plan to finish 1.5 units per quarter. You might find some lessons harder than others. Rosetta Stone will add review and adaptive recall activities to lessons that you do not master on your first attempt. Because of this, you may also find that some lessons take longer than others. When you login, you will find that all levels are accessible.  You should complete the units required for the course you are completing.  For a list of the languages Bridgeway offers and the number of courses available within that language, refer to the chart below:

LanguageCourse 1Course 2Course 3
ArabicUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
ChineseUnits 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
DutchUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
English (American)Units 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
English (British)Units 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
FilipinoUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
Units 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
GermanUnits 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
GreekUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
HebrewUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
HindiUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
IrishUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
ItalianUnits 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
JapaneseUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
KoreanUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
Persian (Farsi)Units 1-6Units 7-12N/A
PolishUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
Portuguese (Brazil)Units 1-6Units 7-12N/A
RussianUnits 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
Spanish (Latin America)Units 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
Spanish (Spain)Units 1-6Units 7-13Units 14-20
SwedishUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
TurkishUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A
VietnameseUnits 1-6Units 7-12N/A

Daily Pacing

How much should I do each day?  A recommended pacing that aligns with best practice for language learning and retention is to consider spending approximately 30 minutes, 3-4 days per week working through the lessons. This time is flexible, however, depending on the difficulty of the content. On the fifth day, you can work on one of the Extended Learning Stories. Bridgeway also recommends that you use a language journal while working with Rosetta Stone. The Accessing Extended Content support page will give you some suggestions for using your language journal as you read stories. The sample 30-minute session outlined below provides you with some other ways to consider using a language journal when you're working through lesson activities.

Sample 30-Minute Session

Consider breaking up your 30-minute session as follows:

  • 10-15 minutes in the Rosetta Stone platform completing lesson activities
  • 5 minutes reflecting offline on what you've learned - You can take notes in your language journal or make flashcards on vocabulary and other content you recall from the lesson activities
  • 5 minutes reviewing content in the lessons that you did not recall or did not recall correctly during the reflection time - You can revisit troublesome content in activities you already completed as needed
  • 5-10 minutes in the platform completing additional, new content for the day

Bridgeway also suggests that you interrupt your 30-minute sessions with "brain breaks" to help encourage deeper learning, especially when the content is more challenging. Rushing through activities just to get them done will NOT give you the best learning experience.


Adaptive Recall schedules review material to reappear at an optimal time to help move language to your long term memory. As you master the language, Adaptive Recall appears at longer intervals. Adaptive Recall will appear as suggested next lessons when deemed necessary by your progress.

Click Skip Adaptive Recall to resume your regular course.

Reviewing your Progress

You should strive to complete 100% of your Rosetta Stone Course. It is possible to complete all the lessons but not complete the course. You can view the percentage of the course completed as well as your percentage correct (grade) by creating a progress report.  From the login page, click on MY REPORTS to view your progress.