Sufficient technology and Internet access is required to complete online classes. The basic technology requirements for online students is outlined below. Note: Even if students are not taking online classes, access to a computer and the internet is required to access information about your student's courses and progress through the Bridgeway Learning Center.

Basic Technical Requirements:

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  • PC or Mac: Standard Chromebooks, laptops, and desktops are supported
    • Smart phones and tablets (including iPads) are not fully supported.
    • Our website and learning center are mobile friendly, but not all of our learning content is compatible with iPads and other mobile devices.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Newer; Mac OS X
  • High speed Internet connection (Cable, DSL)
    • “Tethered” wi-fi hotspots (cellular) or satellite Internet may be unsatisfactory
  • Supported browsers: Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • World Language courses require speakers and a microphone, Placement testing for Grades K-3 require speakers and a microphone.
  • We recommend (and courses may require) the latest versions of:

Students will need a program to create and edit documents online. The standard for this is Microsoft Office. *It is not necessary to purchase a program if you don’t already have it; free alternatives such as OpenOffice or Google docs can be used.

Need Help?

Bridgeway Academy advisors and our technical support team have an expansive knowledge of computer technology and our Learning Management System. Our support team also has remote diagnostic tools, allowing them to “see” a student’s computer and help diagnose issues from a distance. Visit the Bridgeway Help Portal to chat with Bridgeway Bob, review support articles or submit a support ticket.


Below is the information about the browser you are using: Start Online Support Session