Keeping your computer safe and secure is essential regardless of what type of computer you are using. Using Anti-virus and internet security software is the best way to keep your computer healthy from viruses and spam, sometimes doing it without you knowing. In today's day and age of connectivity and information, this software might as well be a requirement. While most computers do in fact come with built-in software, they will not be as reliable as buying a new one.

Internet Security

  • This software is very active while you are using your computer. It constantly monitors the sites you are currently viewing and will scan links and files on the page to make sure nothing gets by it, such as viruses or phishing attempts.
    • Some software will use a large amount of processing power to run. If your computer is running slower after you install this software, make some adjustments within the software to give power back to the operating system.
    • This is not a guaranteed software, there will be times when a virus may slip past your security. In that case, that is where the Anti-virus comes in.
  • At Bridgeway Academy, our content and our platforms are certified. We will never send you a link to or have you download a file from an obscure site.


  • This software will do its best to find the virus and will attempt to remove it. Most viruses are they to annoy you, such as creating popups and auto-launching other programs or even blocking random sites. It is very rare for a virus to be used for the purpose of gathering vital data, like taxes or other financial documents. However, each time you may get a virus, you should act in urgency and scan your computer and remove it.
    • Anti-virus software is your computer's last line of defense. While it is important to have internet security software to prevent incoming viruses and spam, they cannot remove them.
    • If the software fails to find it or worse, fails to remove it, you will need to seek out professional assistance. Always back up your data, your computer might need a complete reset. 
  • Bridgeway Academy is not responsible nor liable for any viruses or spam than may infect your computer. Our content is privately owned and developed, or licensed by a 3rd party platform. 

Ads and Popups

  • Our sites and platforms are privately owned and operated. We do not operate the same as other sites like Facebook or Google, where they rely on ads on the side of their pages to generate revenue. We will never have ads on our platforms, if you see one please run a security scan.
    • Ad content is generated by your search history. If you search for an anti-virus software to purchase, you may see ads later about that software or retail stores that sell them. 
    • Keep in mind that if you share a computer, you may see ads for something you yourself might not have looked it. This includes unsafe searches.
  • Popups are generally related to spam and viruses. We may have you open content in a new window, that is not considered a popup. A popup will be unrelated to what you are doing, and can typically be stopped by removing the virus.

Parental Controls

  • Most operating systems are designed for everyday use, and will typically not have built-in parental controls for your kids. There are many 3rd party software to look for, some will be free. Most newer wifi routers have their own software and apps to block unsafe content before it gets sent to a phone or your computer. 
    • Web browsers have the ability to add parental controls with an extension. Keep in mind that extensions are designed to be removed just as easily as they are added. This may not be reliable, and software on the computer itself may be better.
  • Bridgeway Academy is of course designed to be family-friendly. Under no circumstances will we have or allow unsafe content on our platforms, and we are not liable for the type of content outside our own platforms. Any unsafe content or sites you may come across are from the computer itself, whether it was another user on the computer or a virus. 

Need Help?

Bridgeway Academy advisors and our technical support team have an expansive knowledge of computer technology and our Learning Management System. Our support team also has remote diagnostic tools, allowing them to “see” a student’s computer and help diagnose issues from a distance. Click the green Support button on the bottom right of the page and type your question. Helpful articles are displayed followed by an opportunity for you to submit a support ticket if your questions is not answered.