If you've forgotten your Bridgeway Learning Center password, you can follow this article to have it reset.

Student Password

You can call the Help Desk or Create a ticket on our support page. Our tech team can provide you with a temporary password to log you in and change your permanent password.

If you would like to change your password on your own directly, follow these instructions for resetting your student's Microsoft account password. 

  1.  Go to learn.homeschoolacademy.com and select Student Login.
  2. The first step is to click on "Can't Access Your Account?" You do not need to type in your username for this. 

  1.    Select "Work or School Account."
  2.     Enter your full username and the security code generated in that image. Example:

  1. When you set up your account you had an option to set up validation by email, text or both. Depending on what type of validation you setup, you will see a box for each type. You will receive either an email, text message, or both with verification codes. Enter the code from the email and the text in the respective boxes.
  2. After that verification process, it will ask you for a new password. Then you can go back to the sign-in page.

Parent Password

  • The Parent login reset can be done without a Microsoft account. 
    1. Make sure you have selected the "Parent and Non-enrolled student Login".
    2. Select the "Forgot my Password" option.

                    3. Enter your email address associated with your Bridgeway Learning Center account.


                    4. Follow the instructions in the email.

                    5. Go back to the Parent login, and enter your new login information

Need Help?

Bridgeway Academy advisors and our technical support team have an expansive knowledge of computer technology and our Learning Management System. Our support team also has remote diagnostic tools, allowing them to “see” a student’s computer and help diagnose issues from a distance. Visit the Bridgeway Help Portal to chat with Bridgeway Bob, review support articles or submit a support ticket.