Stepping Stone Elementary Powered by Bridgeway

Stepping Stone Elementary is an exciting new program designed to offer students their four core courses – Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts -- in a live, virtual classroom. The program will use Bridgeway’s Blended proprietary platform and certified teachers to deliver and instruct the classes. The following is included in the package: 

  • Four comprehensive core curriculum courses: English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Lessons offered in live online sessions.
  • Bridgeway proprietary Blended platform that offers engaging online characters to guide students through courses and promote connections to the real world.
  • Interactive online and offline components to promote learning, practice, and extensions.
  • Limited-access Elephango subscription.
  • Online testing or paper/pencil assessment options.
  • Built-in alternative project-based assessments.
  • Teacher oversight; graded assessments, progress monitoring, tutoring.
  • Two live sessions per course/week PLUS an additional meet-up session each week.  60 minutes sessions. Sessions will be recorded.
  • Live meet-up sessions for collaboration and community between teacher and students.
  • Access to the Bridgeway Learning Center displaying student progress and academic success for parents and HST.
  • Attendance policy developed in collaboration with the school.

Getting Ready!

All course content for the Stepping Stone program is delivered in the Bridgeway Learning Center. Students will view their course courses, joining their online classes, submit their work, and take assessments all with the BLC platform. Parents will also be able to view grades, learning content, and student progress from the parent login in the BLC.

The links below will help you get ready for your first class. Be sure and complete the Orientation course after logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center.

Please note: Your course will not be released until 2 weeks before the course start date. When clicking on the course name in the Bridgeway Learning Center - you will see a message letting you know the release date for your course. Once the release date arrives, you will be taken to the course when clicking on the course name.

Program Handbooks

The downloadable and printable Stepping Stone Program Handbook is located inside the Bridgeway Learning Center (BLC). You will find the handbook button on the top navigation. 


Our Live Online Classes also use Zoom for video conferencing. This tool allows students to communicate with the teacher and other students via video, audio, and text chat. Students locate this tool within their course by clicking on the link to the “Zoom Online Classroom” located as an activity within the course. Zoom works with all computers and mobile devices and requires a small download to the device for the best experience. '

While Zoom works with all computers and mobile devices, some features are limited for mobile devices. Some zoom features are also not functional on Chromebooks.

Learn more about Zoom at this link:  Joining a Live Online Class with Zoom