Is your lesson video not working? Sometimes this happens because the original source (like a YouTube channel) has taken down the video. That means the video no longer exists, so our website can't find it. Other times, the original source is editing the video, and this makes it difficult for our website to find it again.

If a video is not working in a lesson, please click "Report Issue" under the video.

A pop-up box will open, asking you to report the issue. Tell us what is wrong with the video and click "Report Issue".

Our team will work hard to make sure the lesson video is working within 48 hours.

If the video still will not work after that, check with your parent or teacher to see if the video is being blocked. Sometimes the videos are blocked because:

  • protection software is installed on a home computer
  • protection software is installed on a computer issued by a school or library
  • you are accessing Elephango via a public computer like at a library
  • you are logged in to a YouTube Kids account while accessing Elephango
  • you are logged in to a YouTube account set to "Restricted Mode"

If you still need help with a video that is not working, submit a ticket here at the Help Center, or send us an email at